"15-kateshi" - "The 15 storey" was a point of reference for all, a reference of pride. In a country dominated by small houses this building was view able from km away. It was the highest building ever built in Albania. Being one of the proudest works of the communist era, its construction lasted 10 years and ended in 1979.

The constructors were very attentive to use the best;materials of the time and every detail to be perfect.

With the ice-white marble on its facade, it soon became the symbol of the Capital.

Hotel Tirana was a meeting point of important people and the place of organizing the most important meetings of the time. It was exclusively used for foreign delegations and tourists, and it was a intriguing and mysterious place for locals.

After the privatization he became a second home to many foreign businessmen who appreciate the excellent service it provides.

Since 1994 this hotel has gone through continuous remodeling to be concluded with the full reconstruction in 2015, which made it a 4 star hotel of international modern standards, but also left untouched the glory of his spaces.

Nevertheless this re-emerging Tirana International remains a Hotel with reputation and history still to be discovered.